Sophie excels at interacting with people, bringing out the best in them, through coaching or simple genuine interest in them. Her rich academic background and real-life experience are a powerfiul combination to bring strategic, analytical and creative thinking in almost any given circumstances, at local, national and international level.
— Frederic Gonzalo, branding & tourism expert
Sophie provides a global strategic vision, backed by a comprehensive international experience that adds depth and open-mindedness to her approach. The results in just a few hours with her greatly exceeded my expectations. Sophie works with remarkable efficiency.
— Karim Hidar, founder of Accelea Group
She is incredibly smart, with very strong communication skills. I have never met anybody with such an understanding of the big picture. Her personality, background and experience are invaluable
— Jean-Francois Renaud, founder of Adviso
I could not have asked for a more supportive, caring, genuine, proactive, competent person for my first SL role. I would not be lying to say you personify my role model in the SL role
— William, Senior Leader @ Tony Robbins