My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
— Maya Angelou

Happy Clients


With her great compassion and life experience, Sophie helped me to change my outlook on the world and the way I related to myself and to my own potential as a women and professional. Thanks to her practical coaching, concrete exercises, her high energy and her ability to share her authentic story, I was able to rebuild myself, my career, my projects, and design my own lifestyle after a huge setback. And grow into a full, confident, serene yet ambitious and more balanced woman in all aspects. I recommend her in a heart beat!

— Lisa Brignoli,Pharmacist

During the path of our life, every one of us has to face challenges and difficulties at some point. During these time, the person usually needed some help and is looking for guidance. Sophie is the light that appears at the end of the tunnel. She will gives her hands to everyone who needs advice and guide them to the right path. Her intelligence, energy, spirituality and knowledge of self development will help you be the person you always dream to be. She will give you the right tools to elevate yourself to the right level and lift up your personal and professional life.

— Nathalie Marsan, founder of Marsan Interiors

Sophie has been strongly referred to me by the most important people around me and I she surpasses anything I have been told about her. She is incredibly smart and has very strong communication skills. I have never met anybody with such an understanding of the big picture of a business situation or market. Her personality, background and experience are invaluable.

— Jean-Francois Renaud, founder of Adviso

Sophie excels at interacting with people, bringing out the best in them either through coaching or simple, genuine interest in what they are doing. Her thorough academic background and real-life experience are a powerful combination to bring strategic and analytical thinking in almost any given circumstance, at the local, national and international level.

— Frederic Gonzalo, Founder or Gonzo Marketing


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— Murielle St-Lot, Coach Relationel

J'ai eu la chance d'être accompagné pas Sophie dans le cadre d'une réflexion sur mon positionnement personnel et stratégique au Québec.Sophie à une vision analytique globale, renforcée par des expériences à l'international qui lui donnent cette ouverture d'esprit particulière. Cela lui a permis d'identifier très rapidement ma problématique et mes besoins. Le résultat atteint en quelques heures a largement dépassé mes attentes, pourtant élevées. Disponible, attentive, subtile et directe ; Sophie est d'une efficacité remarquable. C'est un contact que je conserve précieusement pour mes prochaines étapes de transition et de développement et que je recommande vivement en toute confiance.

— Karim Hidar, Founder of Groupe Accelea

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— Yvon Dakota

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— Chan Brian