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with Sophie Moreau, Business Innovation Strategist

The Art of commercializing innovation

Innovation Thinking & Marketing Strategy

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Hi, I'm Sophie,

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, savvy business strategist, marketing maven, world traveler, former digital nomad and peak performance coach.

My life is dedicated to helping high-achievers and game-changers unleash the creative entrepreneur within and consciously design the business & lifestyle they want.

Facilitator, coach and consultant, the core of my work is innovation thinking, marketing leadership applied to the biggest challenges facing leaders and their companies.

Skilled at shaking up fixed mindset to open new possibilities and build new paths with clients around the globe.

I work with successful business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives who dare to build their own path and do things differently.

My mission is to empower thought leaders to rise to their full potential, redefine success on their own terms
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Build your own path...

I want to see you free to live life on your own terms, shine and thrive!

Now I've been in business 20 yrs and personal development for 15 years and studied with the most successful coaches and influencers.

And i have noticed that very few high-potential actually stand out, reach their full potential and claim their right to shine.

That’s why i have created this space for HP to evolve, for authentic transformation and to grow.

To help you bring new ideas to life, design a power brand, a fulfilling lifestyle, lead with purpose and thrive. Dare to stand-out and live out loud !

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Stand Out

I work with successful executives and entrepreneurs who want to take their career or business to the next level, take their lives back. My clients are game-changers, passionate about their business AND their life.



We help clients identify their strengths, develop strategies and systems to build their own path, maximize their leadership potential and bring your ideas to life. Get clarity, set inspiring goals, step up to bigger challenges, realize their full potential...go above and beyond what they thought possible !


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Strategy, Marketing, Innovation

Your fast-track to generating action, transformation and change by boosting your innovation & creativity potential to reach new heights in your business. Unleash your entrepreneurial hedge and get the best-of-breed 




I teach them strategies and systems to work smarter, stand out, and build a powerful brand that has meaning, impact and gets you results.