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Sophie Moreau

Business Strategist & Coach for creatives, innovators and game-changers.
Hello, I’m Sophie, Welcome to Evola, the place to be to bring new ideas to market…

The art of commercializing new ideas

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About me

Business & Life Strategist, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Mom and Author

I love helping smart, creative people bring new ideas to life ! My passion is to help organizations, entrepreneurs and creative people become change agent, catalyst for innovation and growth, and to bring their unique talents out into the world creating massive value and shaping the next generation of influencers and thought leaders.

A seasoned management consultant, marketer and facilitator, I now turned coach for creatives and professionals, women entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses looking to bring their lives and businesses to the next level. I have been leading transformation for 20+ years, helping businesses and individuals uncover and achieve their highest potential, build global brands and influential products and services. My style brings a unique blend of world-class business, personal development and mind-body-spirit wisdom to business and entrepreneurship.

Author of the upcoming book Startupability

Startupability: How Women Build Their Own Path and Reinvent Business. Coming out Fall 2017.
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Bring new ideas to life!

The idea of EVOLUTION is central to my unique approach. Your business, your life has changed? You are looking for new ways to grow, evolve and expand? Do you know what’s your business DNA? What are your unique talents? What season are you in? Are you or your business at a crossroad? Transition?

Here’s how I can help…

Creative Mindset


Adopt and nurture the mindset of life-long learner, innovator and game-changers.

Agile Strategy


Your agile business framework and roadmap to reach your ideal client and turn them into raving fans.

Focused Execution


Let's do it! Decide and take massive action to deliver tangible results on what matters most

Work with me

As a strategy consultant, international marketer and results coach for over 20 years, I have helped many ambitious leaders and action-oriented business owners build their own path to success, accelerate growth and re-invent their business.

I offer three unique coaching programs:

This program is a fully customized action-oriented 3-month coaching package which includes 12 coaching sessions plus a 1/2 day intensive. You will develop actionable strategies to build the strength, discipline & mindset to brings ideas to market and design the business and lifestyle you want. 

This one year program offers monthly half day workshops.  Based on constant never ending improvement, (CANI), this track is ideal for organizational leaders and action-oriented ambitious entrepreneurs. It is customized to suit your specific needs. Are you ready to take massive action?

This is an in-depth full day (6-8hr) or 1/2day (3hr) strategy session. We will co-create an immersive experience to inspire and equip you or your team to take massive action towards your goal. This one day intensive designed just for you is action-oriented, playful and fun, insightful.