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As a strategy consultant, international marketer and results coach for over 20 years, I have helped many ambitious leaders and action-oriented business owners build their own path to success, accelerate growth and re-invent their business. I offer three unique coaching programs:

Program 1

From ideas to impact - 3 months to business freedom

This individual program is a fully customized and action-oriented 3-month coaching package including 12 coaching sessions + 1/2 day intensive. Develop actionable strategies to build the strength, discipline and mindset to brings ideas to market and design the business and lifestyle you want.  

Destined to empower highly creative individuals, game-changers, ambitious women and leaders embrace change, explore their ideas further. And ultimately design the business and lifestyle they want.

Program 2

Build your own path - 12 months to carving your niche and achieving success

This one year program offers 12 monthly ½ day (3hr) workshop series.  Based on constant never ending improvement, (CANI), this track is ideal for organizational leaders, action-oriented ambitious entrepreneurs. It is customized to suit your specific needs.

Destined to shake things up, challenge established wisdom, bring a deeper understanding of your mission, your passion and core identity. It’s about finding focus, leveraging your DNA and bring your activities to the next level of excellence, with tangible results and high impact, consistently, in a sustainable, mindful way. For those looking for insight, focus, accountability and ready to take massive action.

Program 3

1 Day strategy session

In-depth full day (6-8hr) or 1/2day (3hr) strategy session We will co-create an immersive experience to inspire and equip you or your team to take massive action towards your goal. Action-oriented, playful and fun, insightful.